Studio Shooting

A Japanese-style photo studio is available in our facility.
Take an incredibly beautiful commemorative photo with two different backgrounds and
Japanese accessories such as swords, bangasa (umbrella) and Mari balls.
Cute photos with smiling faces and cool photos with swords are also recommended.

Kyoto Cultural Experience Plan
All courses include
Kimono Dressing

Tea Ceremony + Calligraphy Experience

Tea Ceremony Experience Course

Calligraphy Experience Course

Gold Leaf Experience Course

Studio Shooting Package
with a Kimono Dressing

・Photography fee (2 shots) + 2 photos
+ photo frame included

・Photography fee (2 shots)+ data included

・Making the Original T-shirts

※Photography fee per additional shot 2,000JPY
 per photo output 1,000JPY

Going out wearing a kimono

Those who avail the Kyoto Cultural Experience Plan or the Studio Shooting Plan can also go out wearing kimono.

※Please return to the shop by 6:00pm on the day.

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