Japanese Tea Ceremony

About Traditional
Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is a traditional culture for conversation and enjoyment of matcha green tea were a carefully selected assortment of seasonal sweets, tea bowls, hanging scrolls, flower vases and tea flowers. It can be said to be the aesthetics of "hospitality" and "setting", in which the owner of the tea house pours his heart and soul into making his guests enjoy the tea ceremony.
At Nishiki Orizuruya, guests can make their own matcha tea and experience the Japanese world while enjoying delicious sweets and matcha tea.

History of the Japanese
Tea Ceremony

Flow of the Japanese tea
ceremony experience

  • Dressing

    You can select the kimono of your choice and we will dress you.
    For female clients, a hairdressing service is also available.

  • Lecture

    In the Japanese tea room, you will learn about the history of the Japanese tea ceremony and how to prepare tea.

  • Demonstration

    You will be able to observe a professional tea ceremony method by the master of the tea house.

  • Make tea

    You can actually make the tea by yourself.
    Our staff will assist you.

  • Enjoy tea

    Enjoy the tea that you brewed with the delicious sweets.

Japanese Tea and Sweets

The confectionery and tea served at the Orizuruya are from one of Kyoto's oldest and best-loved Japanese confectionery and tea shops.

Traditional Japanese Sweets


A long-established Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto opened in the first year of the Meiji era and has been in business for 156 years. We offer seasonal Japanese Tea and Sweets.

Kyoto Cultural Experience Plan
All courses include
Kimono Dressing

Tea Ceremony + Calligraphy Experience

Tea Ceremony Experience Course

Calligraphy Experience Course

Gold Leaf Experience Course

Studio Shooting Package
with a Kimono Dressing

・Photography fee (2 shots) + 2 photos
+ photo frame included

・Photography fee (2 shots)+ data included

・Making the Original T-shirts

※Photography fee per additional shot 2,000JPY
 per photo output 1,000JPY

Going out wearing a kimono

Those who avail the Kyoto Cultural Experience Plan or the Studio Shooting Plan can also go out wearing kimono.

※Please return to the shop by 6:00pm on the day.

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